This Summer we will be making a number of improvements to Hailsham Town Centre as part of our commitment to ensure that Hailsham remains a thriving, vibrant and attractive market town.

These improvements will support the economic vitality of the town, improve traffic flow and create an improved environment for pedestrians, the mobility impaired and cyclists. 

What are the proposed improvements?

Based on feedback received from previous consultations, the proposed improvements include:

  • The introduction of additional loading and disabled parking bays ​
  • Improved road layouts – including changing Vicarage Road to southbound traffic only
  • New pedestrian crossings on High Street, Vicarage Lane, Vicarage Road and George Street

In addition to the above we will also be widening the pavements and reducing the traffic speed in order to create a safe, pedestrian friendly town centre.

In order to accommodate the introduction of the new loading and disabled parking bays, the number of general parking spaces on George Street and High Street will be reduced.

However, significant free off-road parking will be made available with improved signage showing its location. 

When is this happening?

Starting with a 6-week mobilisation period, the proposed improvements will be carried out in a series of phases in order to limit the impact of the construction.

The first phase which started on Monday, 23rd May 2016 involved additional ground investigations, surveys and pre-construction planning to allow the works to start on site 1st July 2016.

Temporary traffic management and construction of a new central island will commence on the north end of the High Street. This will be carried out in five phases over an 11-week period and will include the relocation of the BT chamber.

During this time, full vehicular and pedestrian access to both Vicarage Lane and High Street will be maintained via on-site traffic management.

From the 18th July onward, construction will progress down along the High Street in lengths of approximately 100m to 150m. 

What about access to properties and businesses during this time?

Full pedestrian access will be maintained throughout with only vehicular traffic being suspended. The contractor will post ‘Open for Business’ signs around the town and work closely with the local business community and residents to ensure minimum disruption during the works. Vehicular access around Hailsham will be maintained via Vicarage Lane, George Street and North Street which will all remain open during this time.

Pre-arranged access for deliveries and refuse collection will be from the southern end of the High Street and will be controlled through the site by a traffic marshal.

Subject to any unforeseen circumstances, the proposed works, including the works along George Street which will be carried out using a combination of narrow lanes and short road closures, will be completed before Christmas. This leaves the town centre fully operational and open for business over the Christmas period.

After Christmas, work on Vicarage Lane and Vicarage Road will continue under a series of localised road closures with vehicular traffic managed in and out at both ends. Full access to business, Emergency Services and properties will be maintained at all times.

Why are the improvements required?

The improvements are being made to enhance Hailsham town centre and the growing number of visitors it attracts.

Due to the increasing number of cars on the road work needs to be done now to reduce the impact of this growth in the future.

As a result of the improvements:

  • Local residents and visitors will benefit from a better quality environment including enhanced facilities for pedestrians, people with impaired mobility and cyclists.
  • The local economy in Hailsham will be boosted by more passing trade for businesses without the sense of community we currently enjoy being lost.
  • The outcome will be an improvement to the public space in the town centre with the day-to-day lives of the Hailsham residents and businesses at its heart.


How do I get in touch and keep updated on the works?

Details of the work will be made available on this website with regular updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages. Face-to-face events are planned and will continue at regular intervals throughout the project. 

A full time public liaison officer (PLO) will be on site for the duration of the works and will act as the first point of contact for anyone who has any concerns, queries or questions.

Throughout the works, we will endeavour, to minimise disruption as much as possible. However, should you have any questions, queries or concerns about the works please contact East Sussex Highways Contact Centre on 03456 080193, on Twitter @esccroads, on Facebook @EastSussexHighways or by email