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East Sussex Highways are not responsible for the operation or maintenance of any CCTV around the county.  We do however, have to give our permission for CCTV or other monitoring equipment (speed surveys/traffic counters etc.) to be attached to our street lighting columns or sign posts. 


I would like to access footage from a CCTV camera

East Sussex Highways does not have access to CCTV cameras.  We suggest contacting the Police on their non-emergency number 101.


Do you have any CCTV on site?

Our gatemen have CCTV on vehicle dashboards and sometimes on their shoulders.  If CCTV is operating then there will be signs in place.  CCTV operates for the protection for the workmen on site.


I have a question regarding speed cameras

Speed or safety camera information is handled by Sussex Safer Roads.


I would like to have a traffic survey report

Traffic surveys are carried out by East Sussex County Council’s Traffic Monitoring team.

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East Sussex Highways are responsible for the following street furniture:

  • most street lights, although some parish and town councils are responsible for their own 

  • all warning, regulatory and information signs

  • all permanent traffic signals, eg traffic lights and pedestrian crossings

  • traffic counter boxes and counter strips across roads

  • some reflective posts and bollards, except those licensed to the owners of private homes

  • some salt bins, although many are licensed to parish councils or residents’ associations


What street furniture are the district, town and parish councils responsible for?

District, town and parish councils are also allowed to place certain items on the highway, and some of these items are licensed by us. District and parish councils are generally responsible for:

  • litter bins

  • dog bins

  • benches

  • planters

  • road name signs


I would like a mirror to be installed on the highway

We do not authorise mirrors on the highway.  Any mirrors need to be placed on private land and the owner will be responsible if an accident occurs.

I want to report a damaged street name plate

Street name plates are maintained by either the parish, borough or district council. Please contact them directly if you have any questions or would like to report any damage.

I want to report a damaged roadside seat

Although we licence roadside seats they are maintained by the Parish, District or Borough Councils.

I would like to get a memorial bench placed on a pavement

You will need to contact your local district or borough council to place a memorial bench on a pavement.  East Sussex Highways only licence benches to parish councils or residents associations.

I would like to leave tributes or a memorial on the roadside

Although East Sussex Highways are unable to authorise permanent roadside memorials; temporary laying of floral tributes or soft toys etc are allowed on the understanding that they will be removed within 12 weeks. Any items should be placed away from locations that are hazardous to access, such as the central reservation on dual carriageways or the central islands of busy roundabouts. To find out about placing longer term memorials, such as a bench or tree please contact our Enforcement Team.

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