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How do I apply for a disabled bay?

For information about applying for a disabled bay please visit East Sussex County Council's website.

Someone else is parked in my disabled bay, is this allowed?

Anyone with a blue badge can park in a disabled bay and most bays are only advisory.  Disabled bays located in controlled parking zones may have a Traffic Regulation Order displayed on a plate next to the bay.  These bays are enforceable by Civil Enforcement Officers, for more information please visit East Sussex County Council's website.

Can a disabled bay be repainted?

The local Highway Steward will carry out an inspection of the disabled bay and if the lines require repainting we will arrange for them to be repainted.

What is the timescale for disabled bay renewals?

We organise the work once there is a substantial amount of lining work to be done in a specific area.  Working this way optimises the lining crew's time and also enhances financial efficiency for East Sussex County Council.

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