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How do I report an issue on a trunk road?

To report an issue on a trunk road please contact Highways England.

T: 0300 123 5000


What is a trunk road?

Trunk roads are the principle routes throughout the country that are the responsibility of Highways England. They include motorways and major A-roads.


Are there any trunk roads in East Sussex?

The following roads in East Sussex are trunk roads:

  • A259 – Between Pevensey Roundabout eastwards to the border of Bexhill/ St Leonards.

  • A259 – From the Hastings boundary eastwards to the Kent border

  • A21 – From Hastings boundary northwards to the Kent boundary

  • A27 – The entire stretch of this road within East Sussex.

  • A26 – From the junction with the A27 at Beddingham to Newhaven.

If you have an issue which falls within the above roads please contact Highways England.

Can I run a food vending business on a trunk road?

East Sussex Highways do not have jurisdiction over any of the trunk roads in the county.

The following roads are the responsibility of Highways England:

  • A27 from Falmer to Pevensey

  • A26 from Beddingham to Newhaven

  • A259 from Pevensey to Rye

  • A21 from the north of Hastings to Ticehurst

For information about running a food vending business on any of these roads, please contact

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