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Sometimes for pothole repairs we use a machine called a jet patcher.    The machine works by blowing away any water and debris from the affected area.  The hole is then primed and built up with a mixture which is made up of aggregate mixed with a special binder.  

This repair process is fast and cost effective.  The road does not need to be excavated beforehand and because the material is mixed on site there is no waste.  

Here is a video of jet patching

To date, our Jet Patching programme has worked on the following roads.

A22, Forest Row
Ambleside Ave, Telscombe Cliffs
Amherst Road, Bexhill
Anglesey Avenue, Hailsham
Arlington Road West, Hailsham
Ashburnham Road, Eastbourne
Ashford Road, Hastings
Ashington Gardens, Peacehaven
Bakery Lane, Punnetts Town
Bannings Vale, Seaford
Barcombe Mills Road, Barcombe
Barley Lane, Hastings
Barn Rise, Seaford
Battery Hill, Fairlight
Beacon Road, Ditchling
Belgrave Cresent, Seaford
Bell Lane, Fletching
Black Path, Polegate
Blackness Road, Crowborough
Bluemans Lane, Sedlescombe
Bodiam Road, Staplecross
Branksome Road, St Leonards
Brook Close, Crowborough
Broyle Lane, Ringmer
Butlers Lane, Hertsmonceux
C7, Kingston
Cansiron Lane, Hartfield
Canute Road, Hastings
Carlisle Road, Eastbourne
Casltle Hill Road, Hastings
Cavendish Avenue, Eastbourne
Chantonbury Drive, Hastings
Chapel Lane, East Chiltington
Chilver Bridge Road, Arlington
Church Avenue, Pevensey
Church Hill, Newhaven
Church Lane, Peasmarsh
Cinderford Lane, Hertsmonceux
Cinderford Lane, Hertsmonceux
Coast Road, Pevensey
Colemans Hatch Road, Colemans Hatch
College Road, Eastbourne
Compton Street J\W Carlisle Road, Eastbourne
Cooksbridge Road, Barcombe
Crouch Lane, Ninfield
Daleham Lane, Fletching
Deanlands Road, Ripe
Eastbourne Road, Pevensey
Eastwood Lane, Bexhill
Edmund Road, Hastings
Elms Lane, Pett
Elphinstone Road/Queens Road, Hastings
Fairlight Road, Fairlight
Field Way, Hastings
Fir Grove Road, Cross In Hand
Firle Rd, Peacehaven
Frairs Gate/Black Hill, Crowborough
Freckley Hollow, Ninfield
Fysie Lane, Etchingham
Ghyll Road, Heathfield
Granville Road, Eastbourne
Gresham Way, St Leonards
Gun Hill, Chiddingly
Gun Hill, Horam
Hankham Road, Stone Cross
Harold Road, Hastings
Heathy Brow, Peacehaven
Hereward Way, Lewes
Hereward Way, Lewes
Herne Down, Crowborough
Herrings Road/Brownbread Street, Hastings
High Street To Deadman Tree Hill, Barcombe
High Street, Burwash
High Street, Horam
Highhurst Close, Newick
Highhurst Close, Newick
Horam Road, Horam
Houndean Rise, Lewes
Hurst Lane, Sedlescombe
Ingleside, Hastings
Jenners Lane, Wartling
Jevington Road, Jevington
Jnc Rd Park Farm To Udiam Bridge, Bodiam
Ketches Lane, Sheffield Park
Keymer Close, Eastbourne
Kiln Lane, Isfield
Ladies Mile, Withyham
Laleham Close, Hastings
Laughton Road, Laughton
Lewes Road, Laughton
Lewes Road/London Road, Forest Row
Linton Road, Hastings
Little Ridge Avenue, Hastings
Longstone Road, Eastbourne
Mardens Hill / St Johns Road, Crowborough
Marshfoot Lane, Hailsham
Mayne Way, Hastings
Mercread Road, Seaford
Mill Close, Polegate
Mill Lane, Fletching
Mill Ln, Laughton
Mill Road, Heathfield
Millwood Lane, Maresfield
Moat Road, Sedlescombe
Moore Park, Hailsham
Mountfield Road, Lewes
Netherfield Rd, Battle
Nevill Crescent, Lewes
New Road, Ringmer
North Common Road, Chailey
North End, Ditchling
North End, Ditchling
North Hall Lane, Fletching
North Hall Lane, Fletching
Nothiam Road, Beckley
Nursery Lane, Maresfield
Old Drive, Polegate
Old Harrow Road/ Ashbrook Road, St Leonards
Old Lane, Crowborough
Old Malling Way & Church Lane, Lewes
Oxenbridge Lane, Etchingham
Oxford Road, Eastbourne
Parkfield Avenue, Eastbourne
Parkstone Road, Hastings
Pashley Road, Ticehurst
Pelwood Road, Camber
Pet Level Road, Pett
Peter James Lane, Fairlight
Pett Level Road, Pett
Pett Rd/Chick Hill, Pett
Pett Road, Hastings
Pevensey Road (Service Road), Polegate
Pevensey Road, Polegate
Pottery Close, Brede
Pottery Close, Brede
Pound Green Lane, Buxted
Powell Gardens, Newhaven
Pulborough Avenue, Eastbourne
Ripe Lane, Ripe
Roderick Ave North, Peacehaven
Roderick Avenue, Peacehaven
Rookery Way, Seaford
Rosemary Lane, Pett
Rosemary Lane, Pett
Rotherfield Road, Rotherfield
Ruston Bridge Road, Fletching
Saxon Road, Hastings
Sayersland Road, Polegate
Sea Road, Winchelsea Beach
Seafield Close, Seaford
Sharpsbridge Lane, Piltdown
Sheepstreet Lane, Etchingham
Sheerwater Creasent, Hastings
Shepherds Hill, Buxted
Shepherd'S Way, Ringmer
Skinners Lane, Catsfleld
Sluice Ln, Cooden
Soulhlands Road, Bexhill
Southdown Ave, Lewes
Spences Lane, Lewes
Sprays Lane, Sedlescombe
Sprigett Avenue, Ringmer
Spring Lane, Five Ashes
Springfield Avenue, Telscombe Cliffs
St Margerts Road, Hastings
St Marys Lane, Bexhill
St Mathews Road, Hastings
St Pancras Road, Lewes
Starvecrow Lane, Peasmarsh
Station Street, Eastbourne
Stocks Meadow Ninfield, Ninfield
Stonestile Lane, Westfield
Straight Mile, Ecthingham
Telscombe Cliffs Way, Telscombe Cliffs
Telscombe Rd, Peacehaven
Thanet Way, Hastings
The Bourne, Hastings
The Ridgeway, Hertsmonceux
The Street, Dallington
The Street, Framfield
Thunders Hill, Chiddingly
Tibbs Mill Lane, Crowborough
Tinkers Lane, Hadlow Down
Tolegate Road, Sedlescombe
Town Littleworth Road, Cooksbridge
Waites Lane, Fairlight
Wallsend Road, Pevensey
Warrs Hill Road, Chailey
Waverley Gardens, Pevensey
Wellcombe Crescent, Eastbourne
Wellgreen Lane, Kingston
Westfield Lane, Fairlight
Westminster Crescent, Hastings
White Hill Drive, Bexhill
Willingdon Park Drive, Willingdon
Winterbourne Close, Lewes
Withyham Road, Withyham
Woodland Way, Crowborough
Woods Corner, Dallington
Woodsgate Park, Bexhill
Wych Cross A22 Layby, Wych Cross

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Mud on the road is usually caused by farmers and construction vehicles.  A large amount of mud on the highway can be hazardous to drivers and can cause accidents.  

I am a farmer/construction site what should I do to minimise the amount of mud on the road?

  • Plan your work and deal with the problem before it occurs
  • Set up "slippery road" or "mud on road" signs in both directions
  • Make sure signs are positioned to give maximum visibility and warning to road users
  • Signs can be bought from local builders' merchants, hire shops or online
  • Remove excessive quantities of mud from vehicle wheels before moving onto the road
  • If necessary, clean the road during and at the end of the day
  • Keep your seed low to help retain the mud on the vehicle
  • If using a contractor, ensure prior agreement is reached about who is responsible for any mud on the road

Tips for driving through mud

  • Use a low gear, keeping your speed slow and steady
  • Avoid excessive accelerating or breaking
  • If you start to slide, turn your wheels into the direction of the slide
Potholes and Roads report »

How do potholes form?

Potholes usually occur when roads freeze and thaw repeatedly, causing the surface to break up. They appear more frequently in late winter and early spring.

How often do you inspect roads?

Depending on the type of road, the local Highway Steward inspects roads on a driven inspection, either monthly, six monthly or yearly.  Alongside our routine inspections the Steward's also carry out inspections when we receive reports from the public.

How do you decide whether a pothole should be repaired or not?

We have set standards for what we can and cannot repair.  All of our policy documents can be found on the Highway Asset Management page of our website.

How do you repair potholes?

Firstly the pothole is inspected by the local Highway Steward to see if it is at a level to which we would repair it.  If the pothole requires a repair, the Steward raises a works order for the pothole to be scheduled. 

Once the pothole has been scheduled, the gang arrive to the site on the scheduled date.  In most instances the pothole is dug out, the edges are sealed to stop water entering and the hole is filled with tarmac. Sometimes you may see a pothole which has just been filled and not cut out.  This is known as a temporary repair.  We carry out temporary repairs when it is too wet or if the gang does not have the correct traffic management to carry out the work safely.  The gang return at a later date to cut, fill and seal the pothole.


Why hasn’t the pothole been repaired?

There is usually a reason why a reported pothole hasn't been repaired:

  • If the pothole has been inspected by a Highway Steward and is not deemed to be a safety defect
  • If there is an underlying problem with the road surface which needs to be investigated
  • If we need to organise traffic management, for example: traffic lights or a temporary road closure so that we can carry out the repairs safely

How do I report a pothole?

To report a pothole, please click here.
When reporting a pothole please be as detailed as you can in your description and let us know:

  • Where is it? we will need the road name, town, nearby landmarks or house numbers
  • Roughly, how big is it? For example is it the size of a football or a dinner plate?
  • Approximately, how deep was the pothole?
  • Please provide your contact details in case we need more information or the Highway Steward has difficulty locating the pothole.


Potholes and Roads report »

When will you repair the pothole in the road?

When we carry out a repair is dependent on the size of the pothole. Below are some examples of time frames:

User-added image

When will you repair the footway?

When we carry out repairs to the footway such as change in surface, dislodged kerb, trip or pothole, it is dependent on the size and location.  Below are some examples:

  • Areas which are greater than 100mm deep and at least 300mm wide in all directions are made safe or repaired within 2 hours
  • Areas which are greater than 60mm and less than 99mm deep and at least 300mm in all directions are made safe or repaired within 5 days
  • Areas which are greater than 40mm and less than 59mm deep and at least 300mm in all directions are made safe or repaired within 28 days


How often do you inspect the roads?

Depending on the type of road, the local Highway Steward inspects roads on a driven inspection either monthly, six monthly or yearly.  Alongside our routine inspections the Highway Steward's also carry out inspections when we receive reports from the public.


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You may be able to claim for compensation if you have injured yourself or if your vehicle has been damaged on a road or footway which is maintained by East Sussex Highways.

When making a claim, you will need to provide details about:

  • How the incident happened
  • What damaged was caused to you or to your vehicle
  • The road name and specific location of where the damage took place
  • The date and approximate time the incident happened

Please download a copy of our form and return it to or to East Sussex Highways, The Broyle, Ringmer, East Sussex, BN8 5NP.


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