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I have a question about household waste sites

You can take your household waste to any of the Household Waste Recycling Sites in East Sussex. However, each site may have individual restrictions. For more information about restrictions please visit East Sussex County Council's website.

There is rubbish on the side of the road

Fly tipping removal and road sweeping is the responsibility of your local District or Borough Council.

Sewage waste on the highway is the responsibility of the Environment Agency

I have a question about my bin collection

Bin collections are handled by your local District or Borough Council.

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What is this project about?

In order to understand, in greater detail, public usage of East Sussex’s Household Waste Recycling Sites, East Sussex County Council are installing small logging studs at their entrances / exits that will ‘count’ vehicles as they pass over them.

Why are we doing this?

East Sussex County Council  want to ensure that its network of Household Waste Recycling Sites are open at the times that the public wish to use them. By recording visitor behaviour, they can ensure that the site’s opening hours are optimised. This will enable East Sussex County Council to measure visitor numbers in greater detail.

Do the studs record personal information e.g. Car Registrations?

No. The studs cannot record any details – only that ‘something’ has driven over it. No car registrations will be recorded. East Sussex County Council will make a manual calculation to deduct an expected number of vehicles that would ordinarily be servicing the site on a daily basis so that these are not counted as ‘public’ visits.

What are the studs like?

 The studs are widely used in many locations to count vehicle movement e.g. car parks, motorways, airports etc.  They are small (about 10cm diameter) solar powered studs that are fixed at ground level with an adhesive resin. They record vehicles that pass over them with a high level of accuracy. The data is received via a Bluetooth antenna connected to a laptop. They are virtually invisible once installed. 

More information about the studs and about the company that is providing/installing the studs can be found on the Clearview Intelligence website.

How long will the project last?

East Sussex County Council will collect 12 months data in the first instance so that they have a ‘full year’ picture of usage. The studs will remain in situ should we require any future data.

How much is this project costing?

The project will cost approximately £14,000 to purchase the studs and have them safely installed. East Sussex County Council believes this outlay will be ultimately recouped in later efficiencies.

Should you require more information please contact Anthony Pope, Senior Waste Technical Officer at East Sussex County Council.


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