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Can the shops in the closed section of road be accessed? ​

We will try to make sure all premises can be reached during the work, but sometimes it can be dangerous so we may have to restrict access for a short time.Although you will not be able to park on the road during the work, if there is parking nearby you should be able to walk to the shops.

Can you provide business open as usual signs during the work?

We are able to supply business open as usual signs for the duration of the works, but we will not provide signs advertising individual businesses.  Businesses within the closure are permitted to place temporary signs on the Highway for the duration of the works, provided they are not causing any obstruction to road users.  These must be removed by the responsible business on completion of the works.

Am I entitled to compensation because of the impact of these works?​

I am afraid there is no statutory provision for compensation by a Highway Authority if a business is affected by road works. Successive governments have taken the view that businesses should not have the right in law to any particular given level of passing trade, and that traders must take the risk of loss due to temporary disruption of traffic flows along with all the other various risks of running a business.

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I think your diversion route is unsuitable

All advertised diversion routes are agreed by our Network Management Team.  When possible we make sure that we divert traffic onto a like for like road; for example an A classed road will be diverted onto another A classed road.  However, sometimes it is not practical to do this when a similar class of road can provide a more direct route.

We can only direct road users to a suitable diversion route and we are unable to enforce that it is used.  We cannot close a road to prevent it from being used by diversion traffic.   However, we can place signs out advising that a specific road is not suitable for a diversion route.

There are too many/Insufficient Signs for Diversion Route

All signs for diversion routes are agreed with our Network coordinators and follow set guidelines. 

The roadworks signs are causing an obstruction/have been moved/are missing

The diversion route and working site are inspected daily to ensure they are in place and correct. 

Damage has been caused to the road/verge by traffic using it as a diversion route

If damage is caused to the highway we will make sure that the local Highway Steward inspects the area.  It may be that any necessary repairs which are not an immediate safety concern, for example verge erosion, are repaired once the road is no longer used as a diversion route.


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What right do you have to close a road?

We use a legal process called a temporary traffic regulation order (TTRO) to carry out a temporary road closure for:

  • Planned roadworks

  • Building works being carried out on or near the road

  • Large public events.

We need a minimum of 12 weeks to complete the legal process and advertise the closure in local newspapers.

For smaller roadworks, where they shall not last for more than 5 consecutive days, the road may be closed by a temporary traffic regulation notice (TTRN).  As with TTROs we require a notice period of at least 12 weeks for these types of works.  With prior agreement, it may be possible to give a shorter notice period.

The police can also close roads for safety reasons.

Why can’t you use traffic lights rather than closing the road?

Under the Code of Practice for the Safety at Street Works & Road Works section 65 of the New Road & Street works act, we can only use traffic lights on a road where the running lane is at least 3.5m wide (for Bus Routes) and 3.25m for other routes.

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Can I visit the shops in the closed section of road?

We try to make sure that businesses can be reached during the work.  However, sometimes it can be dangerous which means that we have to restrict access for a short time.  Although you will not be able to park on the road during the work, if there is parking nearby you should be able to walk to the shops/business.

Why are you not carrying out works along the whole road?

We carry out detailed surveys which identify what work is required for the road.  This enables us to carry out targeted works to make the best use of our budget.

Why have the works stopped when the road is unfinished?

The aftercare regime includes lining, reflective studs and manhole/roadside drain adjustments.  This type of work takes place after the initial works have taken place.

What happens when equipment breaks down during road works?

If in the event of machinery breakdown the equipment is usually repaired or replaced within 24 hours.

Why can’t the road works be completed in the school holidays?

Where possible we try to carry out large scale work within the school holidays, especially on sites where a school is within or near the work.  However, there are not enough school holidays or available resources for all works to take place outside of term time.  Sometimes the work will be completed during off peak hours, between 09:00 - 15:00 or at night. Occasionally the work is delayed so that it can be carried out in the following years holiday time.

Why can’t the roadworks be done at night?

We do carry out roadworks at night.  However, in most instances it is not practical as it is more expensive, it causes disturbance to residents, there is a lack of light and during cold weather there is a minimum temperature at which material can be laid.

Will my bus service be affected if roadworks are taking place?

On occasion our roadworks may disrupt your bus service. We recommend contacting the bus company for any changes to the service during this time.

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There are signs advising that my road will be closed, how will I be affected?

The sign should state who is carrying out the work, for example East Sussex Highways or a utility company.

If the work is being undertaken by East Sussex Highways you will receive information through the post if you live within the road closure.  If the work is by a utility company, further information should be available from the utility company's website.

Pedestrian access to properties will be available if it is required that you do not park within the closure.


What disruption can be expected?

When carrying out work we try to cause as little disruption as possible, but, it is inevitable there will be some delays and inconvenience. We are sorry for any problems the work may cause, but hope you find the improvements worth any short term difficulties.

Can I park on the closed section of road?

It will not be possible for you to park on the closed section of road during the working day because we need full access to the road. However, it is likely that you will be able to park overnight but you will need to remove your vehicle by 07:30 am the following morning.

Will I have access to my property when the road is closed?

Yes, but vehicular access may be restricted for a maximum of 8 hours (within a 24 hour period).  Pedestrian access to your property will be maintained throughout the closure, unless it is unsafe to do so and where possible we will try to maintain vehicular access to properties.  This may mean that you need to follow the diversion route to access your property from an alternative direction.  For the most up to date information during a road closure, speak to the gateman directly as they will know which sections of the road we are working.

I have not received advanced information about roadworks on my road

If the work is carried out by us we try to give as much notice as possible.  If the work is carried out by a utility company then we cannot guarantee that they will provide advanced warning.

How will my rubbish be collected during the roadworks?

We inform the district or borough council of any road closures and where possible we will allow access.  Your district council can advise of rescheduled collections due to road works

I’m expecting a delivery; will I still be able to receive it during the work?

The gateman onsite will try to ensure that you receive your goods with as little inconvenience as possible.  As with access to your property it may be that the driver has to approach from the other end of the road or wait a short time for the road to be cleared before making the delivery.  Please speak to the workers onsite and give them the necessary information so that they know you are expecting a delivery.

How can I claim for damage to my property from your roadworks?

You may be able to claim for compensation if your property has been damaged by our roadworks. When making a claim, you will need to provide details about:

  • What damage there is to your property
  • The road name and specific location of where the damage took place
  • The date and approximate time the damage occurred

Please download a copy of our form and return it to or to East Sussex Highways, The Broyle, Ringmer, East Sussex, BN8 5NP.

Will my bus service still run?

The works and the size of the vehicles being used often mean that the buses cannot use their usual route at times. We still try to accommodate the daily school bus run whenever possible but for other services please contact your local bus service.


Why can’t the works be done at night?

There are a variety of reasons including cost, disturbance to neighbouring properties, lack of streetlights, cold weather below the minimum temperature at which material can be laid and other general hazards that arise from working at night.

Why can’t the work be completed in the school holidays?

Where possible we try to carry out large scale works within the school holidays, especially on sites where a school is within or near the works.  However there are not enough school holidays or available resources for all works to take place outside of term time.  This can mean that we carry out works off peak between 09:00-15:00, carry out works at night or the work is delayed to be carried out in the following years holiday time.

My car has been moved/is missing

During roadworks, if parking has been suspended it is possible your car may have been towed.  Sometimes the vehicle is relocated onto the next road. If you think we may have moved your vehicle then please contact us so we can advise you further.

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