Surface Dressing in your area

On Sunday 23rd July, we will be starting our Surface Dressing Programme. If your road is on the programme, listed below, we will put signs in place at least 48hrs before works start with a precise start date. 

These works are extremely weather dependant. If it rains, or is too hot, we will be unable to do the work and have to wait for the weather to change. We will keep you updated via the signs on site.

Can we get access to our property during the work?

We normally close the road to carry out these works, during which time vehicle access will be difficult.

Pedestrian access to your property will be maintained during the closure.

There will be no on-street parking while the works are taking place. Please park your car in another location at this time.

What is the process?

A thin layer of bitumen is applied to the road, followed by a layer of chippings. Once finished, the road is reopened to traffic as this helps bed the chippings into the bitumen.

Excess chippings are swept 24 hours, 3 days, and 7 days after the works is completed.

After 7 days road lining is replaced along with any cat's-eyes. This work is also weather dependant.

A temporary 20mph speed limit will be in place after the work. This is for motorists' safety and to protect the newly laid dressing. Please stick to the speed limit.

Start Date (TBC)

Location Duration Traffic Management
23/07/17 Burwash Road, Burwash 1 day Road Closure
25/07/17 Butcherfield Lane, Hartfield 2 days Road Closure
25/07/17 Shovelstrode Lane, Ashurstwood 1 day Road Closure
25/07/17 Sheffield Park, Fletching 1 day Road Closure
26/07/17 Alice Bright Lane, Crowborough 1 day Road Closure
26/07/17 Fairglen Road & Faircrouch Lane, Wadhurst 2 days Road Closure
27/07/17 Brinkers Lane, Wadhurst 1 day Road Closure
27/07/17 Jonas Lane, Wadhurst 1 day Road Closure
27/07/17 Lower Wick Street, Selmeston 1 day Road Closure
27/07/17 Knowle Lane, Heathfield 1 day Road Closure
28+31/07/17 Catsfield Road, Crowhurst 2 days Road Closure
31/07/17 Red Barn, Ashburnham 1 day Road Closure
01/08/17 Partridges Lane, Wadhurst 1 day Road Closure
4/08/17 Pevensey Bay Road, Eastbourne 2 days Stop/Go
1/08/17 Bexhill Road, St Leonards 1 day Stop/Go
2/08/17 Stream Lane, Sedlescombe 1 day Road Closure
2/08/17 Swailes Green, Ewhurst 1 day Road Closure
2/08/17 Poppinghole Lane, Sedlescombe 2 days Road Closure
3/08/17 Bishops Lane, Robertsbridge 1 day Road Closure
3/08/17 Bodiam Road, Bodiam 1 day Road Closure
3/08/17 Tufton Lane, Northiam 1 day Road Closure
4/08/17 Beech Green Lane, Withyham 1 day Road Closure
4/08/17 Fletching St. & Coggins Mill Lane, Mayfield 1 day Road Closure