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Fee Increase Information

From 11 April 2022 all fees will be increased by 1.1% in line with inflation. In addition to this the following licence fees have increased by an additional 3.2%, deferred from 2021:

  • Licence to place Banners, Cables, Decorative Lighting, Bunting over the Highway
  • Licence to place Tables & Chairs, Objects or A-Boards (Traders) on the Highway
  • Wildlife verge Licence
  • Other objects in Highway (Gazebos, display stands, etc - temporary)

East Sussex Highways Fee Structure

To see a current list of all fees regarding licences, inspections and applications view the fee structure spreadsheet here.

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Important Updates


East Sussex Highways licensing are no longer able to accept cheques for payment.

From 22 July 2020 Under the Business and Planning Act 2020 Temporary Pavement Licences can be applied for through your local District and Borough Councils. Please contact the relevant District/Borough Council for further information. East Sussex Highways Tables and Chairs licences can still be applied for during this period, the application form and fee structure for this can be found below.

From 1st July 2020 the fees for Temporary Traffic Regulation Orders (section 14.1) and Temporary Traffic Regulation Notices (section 14.2) will be amended, these amendments can be found in our fee structure. For all applications made before the 1st July , the existing fees will apply.

From 1 April 2019 East Sussex Highways will take over responsibility from Hastings Borough Council the licensing and enforcement of table & chairs and shop merchandise being placed on the public highway. All licences that have previously been issued by Hastings Borough Council where the licence expiry date is after 1 April 2019 will remain in force with all the same terms and conditions. Any new or renewal licences will need to be made via East Sussex Highways. 

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Network Management Permit Scheme