Dropped Kerb Vehicle Access

Vehicle Crossovers Information & FAQs


Owners of a property who regularly drive over a footpath or verge with a vehicle can apply to have a properly constructed crossing at their own expense. A vehicle crossing usually requires the kerb-line to be lowered.

Why must I have one?

Pavements and verges are normally only built to cope with pedestrians and therefore they need to be strengthened to support the weight of a vehicle driving over them.

Driving over a pavement or verge to access your property without an authorised vehicle access is unlawful. You may be liable for damage to the pavement or verge and any services such as pipes or cables buried beneath it.

Are there legal powers to insist on a vehicle access?

Yes, there is under section 184 Highways Act 1980.

What permission do I need?

You will need a licence from East Sussex Highways. There is no automatic right to a licence and we will assess every vehicle crossing application from a safety and suitability point of view. We reserve the right to refuse permission where a vehicle crossing is either unsafe or unsuitable.

You may need planning permission from your local Borough or District Council or the South Downs National Park Authority if:

• You live in a conservation area or on a classified road

• If the surface water run-off from your proposed driveway flows away outside the boundary of your property

If you are renting the property you must obtain consent from your landlord in writing to proceed.

If you do not own the land between your property and the road or pavement, then you will need written permission from the landowner.

Who can carry out the work and how much do vehicle crossings cost?

This depends on the size of the crossing, whether utility services or other items on the street are affected and which contractor you use.

There is an additional fee for providing and overseeing the licence process. You can find this on our Current Fee Structure located on our Applications Forms page.

East Sussex Highways can provide a bespoke professional service in assisting property owners to have a licensed vehicle access crossover constructed.

Working on behalf of East Sussex County Council we have a duty to ensure that the highway is protected for the enjoyment and use of the public.

If a vehicle access crossover has not been built correctly to accommodate the weight of a vehicle then the highway verges, kerbs and pavements adjacent to the property are at risk of being damaged.

We have the expertise within our team to design and construct vehicle crossovers that fully comply with required standards. Our team will be able to talk to you about your specific requirements and provide you with a competitive quotation for the works to be carried out.

Benefits of this service include:

• We provide a ‘one stop shop’ for design, build and licensing.

• The crossover will be designed & constructed to the required standard and comes with a guarantee.

• Public utility searches for buried utility apparatus.

• Expert advice provided by our team with a dedicated licensing officer dealing with your crossover from application to completion.

• Competitive price & value for money.

• No hidden costs/charges.

• Fully compliant in health and safety regulations.

• Work carried out by professional ‘streetwork’ accredited operatives.

To find out more about the service we can provide for you we can be contacted as follows:

Email customer@eastsussexhighways.com

Write to us:

East Sussex Highways
Ringmer Depot
The Broyle
East Sussex

You can also obtain quotations for the work from a list of East Sussex Highways approved contractors which are contained within the application pack.

You can download an application pack by clicking on this link

How long does it take to process an application?

It may take up to eight weeks to assess your application. If a licence is granted, you will then have a maximum of 6 months to complete the works. If you do not complete the works within this time, the approval/licence will lapse and you will need to reapply.

I’m moving home, can I prove the property’s vehicle crossing is authorised?

If you require evidence whether or not your existing crossing is authorised and properly constructed, we can undertake a records check/site inspection on your behalf and confirm to you in writing. If this service is required, please email customer@eastsussexhighways.com