Community Highways


East Sussex County Council has a responsibility to deliver core highways services in the County and has adopted an Asset Management approach to the prioritisation of its highway maintenance and investment in highway infrastructure.

However we recognise and understand that there are a number of additional services that are important to local communities but where ESCC do not have the resources or budget to carry out. In light of this our Community Highways offering is where we want to support and empower local Communities to carry these out themselves.

What is Community Highways?

Community Highways is a suite of products which allow the community to design, fund and carry out highway works. These products are all designed to increase community self-serve and manage expectations at a time of constricting budgets.

There are three separate products detailed below, click to see more info:

What are the benefits?

Community Highways offers the following:

  • An opportunity for Members and Councillors to engage with their Parish Councils, Residents Associations and Community Groups to provide additional highway services as requested.
  • It gives local communities a greater say in the services they receive and provide a way for them to adapt to and reflect local circumstances.
  • Improves customer satisfaction
  • Flexible to the needs of the community
  • Voluntary, Parishes can retain status quo and receive current service
  • Develop a new relationship with local communities and organisations, working together to tackle issues, provide services and strengthen communities
  • Local delivery and ownership of services
  • A system whereby Parishes and Community groups can purchase additional services and equipment
  • Empowerment of Parishes

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