Exceat Bridge, Seaford – Exceat Replacement Bridge Project

Why is this project needed?

Exceat Bridge is part of the A259, one of the main road networks in East Sussex.

It travels from the East of the county, along the East Sussex coast to Brighton and through to West Sussex. It runs through the South Downs national park, a site of special scientific interest, and crosses a beauty spot that attracts thousands of tourists every year. It links to a key port at Newhaven and provides vital economic connectivity.

But in recent years some significant layout and maintenance issues with the current bridge have come to light. So East Sussex Highways is currently considering a major scheme, to address the long standing bottleneck at Exceat, which will support economic growth and connectivity, whilst maintaining sensitive to the surrounding environment.

When will this project be happening?

This project is in the early planning stages. We envisage that with the appropriate planning permission and funding, the new bridge could be constructed by 2022.

We recently undertook a Movement Study to determine the number and classification of road, bus stop and car park users. This helps us to understand how the current road is used and how we can improve it.

You may see work taking place over the coming months along this stretch of road. We will keep residents and road users informed of any possible disruption.

What we are doing at the moment?

We are drawing up plans for the possibility of removing the current bridge and replacing it with a newly-designed one to minimise issues currently affecting road users.

Over the last year we have been holding consultations with the South Downs National Park Authority (SDNPA), who we will be applying to for planning permission for the new bridge. We have taken their feedback on board, to ensure that the end design will improve transport links and reduce impact on the park.

Project Timeline

As the project progresses, we will update this webpage with further information.

Below is the current working timeline

(Please note these dates are subject to change)

Preliminary Designs – Summer 2019 – Summer 2020

Planning application submission and determination – Summer/Winter 2020

Final Stages of planning and scheduling for the bridge to be erected – Summer 2020/Spring 2021