Grit Bins

Grit Bins

Roadside grit bins are located throughout the county for pedestrians and motorists to help themselves by salting small areas of road or pavement. The salt is only for public roads and pavements and should not be used or transported anywhere else. 

During snow fall we deliver hippo bags of salt to 51 agreed sites across the County for local communities to use on roads and pavements in their area.

Can I have a grit bin?

We will provide grit bins where:

  • The costs are met by residents' associations, businesses, or the local parish, town or district council; and
  • There is a suitable location for the new bin

For a new grit bin please contact your local residents' association, parish, town or district council in the first instance to find out whether they would be willing to fund one.

If they agree to your request, they will contact us. We will review the request and, if approved, agree a suitable location. Bins can be located on the highway, private land or Council owned land, with the landowner's permission.

If you are a residents' association, parish, town or district council applying for a new grit bin, please download and complete an application form and return to 

Grit bin refills

We inspect and fill all East Sussex County Council owned grit bins once a year, in the autumn.

If the grit bin has been purchased from the County Council by a local business or residents’ association, then East Sussex Highways can arrange for these to be filled for a fee. Please contact us directly for more information.

Grit bins that are privately owned will not be filled by East Sussex Highways. Rock salt can be bought from DIY stores and builders’ merchants. 

There is litter in a grit bin. Can this be cleared?

If there is litter in a grit bin please contact your local district or borough council who will arrange for it to be cleared.

Broken grit bins

If it is an East Sussex County Council owned grit bin we will look to replace it before the season starts. 

You can report a broken grit bin to us directly.