Gritting and grit bins

Grit Bins

When will you fill the grit bin?

We inspect and fill all East Sussex County Council owned grit bins once a year, in the autumn.

Grit bins that are privately owned will not be filled by East Sussex Highways. Rock salt can instead be purchased from DIY stores and building merchants.

If the grit bin has been purchased from ESCC by a local business or residents’ association, then East Sussex Highways can arrange for these to be filled for a fee. Please contact us directly for more information.

There is litter in a grit bin. Can this be cleared?

If there is litter in a grit bin then you need to contact your local district or borough council.

Can we have a grit bin?

For a new grit bin please contact your local Residents Association, Town or Parish Council in the first instance to find out whether they would be willing to provide one. If they agree to your request, they will contact us directly. We will review the request and if approved, agree a suitable location. Bins can be located on the highway, private or council owned land, with the landowner’s permission.


When will my road be gritted?

When icy conditions are forecast we will grit primary routes first. This is around 42% of all the roads in East Sussex including all A and B roads and some C roads. You can see our primary and secondary gritting routes here (link to gritting routes)

We schedule our gritters based on weather forecasts and road surface temperatures.

We aim to grit the roads before frost and ice are formed by freezing temperatures. Rain or snow can wash salt away, so we try to grit after rain has passed but before the road surface freezes. Where possible, we try to avoid the morning and evening rush hours.

Why grit the road?

Grit is another name for salt. It helps to keep our roads safe by lowering the temperatures at which water freezes, reducing the risk of ice. This process takes time and needs traffic moving over it to start working.

This gritter only needs to drive along one side of the road, as the gritter is designed to spread the sale across the full width of the road.

Can you add my road to your gritting routes?

Our gritting routes are reviewed every year. Our Primary routes cover all A and B roads and some C roads. Priority is given to roads that lead to:

  • Hospitals, fire, ambulance and police stations
  • Bus and railway stations
  • Most main shopping areas and schools
  • Difficult sites (very steep hills etc)

You can submit requests to us. These will be reviewed by looking at the above criteria.

Why don’t you grit pavements?

We don’t have the resources to routinely grit footpaths or pavements. We encourage residents to help themselves by clearing snow and ice from public areas near their properties. For more advice please visit:

How do I find out if schools are open during winter weather?

You can find out if schools are open by:

  • Listening to local radio
  • You can subscribe to East Sussex Council’s RSS alerts
  • View East Sussex County Council’s website for individual school closures
  • Your child’s school website will also have information about closures