A22 Hailsham Bypass - Carriageway Preservation Works

8-12 August 2022

Scheme Location:

A22 Hailsham Bypass - Carriageway Preservation Works

Scheme Information:

What works are taking place?

We will be carrying out carriageway preservation works on A22 Hailsham Bypass.

We will be working from Diplocks Roundabout to Cophall Roundabout.

We will be using Reclamite which is a penetrative bitumen rejuvenator used to protect the surface course of the carriageway. It is a cold applied emulsion which restores the chemical elements lost in the bitumen through its aging and oxidization process. As it penetrates the voids in the asphalt, it strengthens the aggregate bond and rejuvenates the bitumen, thereby extending its life for 5 additional years.

When will these works start?

8-12 August 2022

Traffic Management

The road will remain open with a lane closure in place from 9.30am to 3.20pm each day.

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