A259 South Coast Road, Peacehaven - Southern Water Works

16 November - 18 December 2020


A259 South Coast Road, Peacehaven - Southern Water Works


Contact: 0330 303 0368 or www.southernwater.co.uk

What works are taking place?

Construction of 40m of sewer on the A259 South Coast Road, Peacehaven between Cairo Avenue and Malines Avenue. The method of installing the new sewer pipe requires the opening up of the surface of the ground to approximately 3m deep in both the footway and carriageway.

When will these works start?

16th November 2020 to the 18th December 2020

Traffic Management

The construction methodology will require two way temporary traffic signals to be utilised on the A259 South Coast Road.

Due to the depth of the excavation it will be necessary for the two way temporary traffic lights to remain in place 24 hours a day.

The temporary traffic lights will be manually operated by the operatives:-

Monday to Friday – between 07:00hrs and 19:00hrs

Saturdays – between 08:00hrs and 17:00hrs

Sundays – between 10:00rs and 16:00hrs

It will also be necessary for the footway to be closed. Two temporary pedestrian signal controlled crossings will be installed to ensure safe crossing points for pedestrians.

The bus stop on the northern side of the A259 South Coast Road between Lincoln Avenue and Malines Avenue will also be suspended to facilitate the works.