Concrete Road Repairs - Bexhill

7 June - 5 July 2021

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Concrete Road Repairs - Bexhill

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What works are taking place?

East Sussex Highways will shortly be carrying out repairs to the concrete roads in your area. Some of these roads were constructed up to 100 years ago and due to the durability of concrete roads, are still in good condition, but they do need some work to mend any cracks or bumps in the road.

We will be carrying out jointing and crack repair works to bring the roads back to their original standard. Cracks in the road are mostly caused by wear and tear, these works involve filling the joints between the concrete slabs and filling and sealing any cracks in the road. These joints will be filled with material to match the colour of the concrete road. This work will also involve removing the top black layer of tarmac from the road, which will not be replaced. This is because the crack and jointing works will fix any structural issues with the road and applying new tarmac will not add any additional value or contribute to the overall standard of the road. We understand that this will change the way that the road looks but we want to assure you that this is the best repair solution for this type of concrete roads.

These works are cost-effective, as we will be using high quality material to improve these concrete roads with minimal disruption to residents and road users. By carrying out these works now, we avoid the need to carry out further extensive, disruptive, and expensive road construction works in the future.

Schedule of Works

Paton Road - 7-11 June 2021

Millwood Road – 7-9 June 2021

Mount Idol View – 8-15 June 2021

Jubilee Road – 10-18 June 2021

Ashby Close – 14-21 June 2021

Davis Close – 14-22 June 2021

Pankhurst Rise – 15-24 June 2021

Blackmill Close – 15-23 June 2021

Putlands Crescent – 16-25 June 2021

Southlands Road – 17 June - 5 July 2021

All works will be carried out under a road closure between 7am & 7pm each day. If these dates change, we will update our website and the signage on site. There will be ‘no parking’ signs and cones on site to advise where parking is restricted. Please park your vehicle off road or in another location, otherwise your vehicle may be towed away.

We will be carrying out kerbing works on some of these roads prior to the road repairs. The roads will remain open during the kerbing works.

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