Spray Patching

Completed Sites

These completed sites are listed alphabetically, by town:

St Mary's Lane, Bexhill 
Black Hill/Church Hill, Crowborough
Eridge Road, Crowborough
School Lane, Danehill
Compton Place Road, Eastbourne
Borough Lane, Eastbourne
St Philip's Avenue, Eastbourne
Dittons Road, Eastbourne
Lottbridge Drove, Eastbourne
Pacific Drive, Eastbourne
Susans Road, Eastbourne
East Dean Road, East Dean
The Forstal, Eridge
A267 Five Ashes 
A22, Forest Row
Ersham Road, Hailsham
Barley Lane, Hastings
Roc-A-Nore, Hastings
Chowns Hill, Hastings 
Marklye Lane, Heathfield
Horsewalk, Hooe
Horebeech Lane, Horam 
A267 Horam 
Iden Road, Iden
Eastgate Street, Lewes
St Annes Crescent, Lewes
Sluice Lane, Pevensey
St Johns Road, Polegate
Ambleside Avenue, Telscombe
Arundel Road West, Telscombe 
Battenhurst Road, Ticehurst
Moat Lane, Sedlescombe 
Battle Road, St Leonards
Grand Parade, St Leonards
Nevill Road, Uckfield
Moat Lane, Waldron 
Sea Road, Winchelsea 

In Progress Sites

These in progress sites are listed alphabetically, by town:

Old Marsh Road, Bexhill
Tollwood Road, Horam
Grange Close, Horam

Upcoming Works

These upcoming works are listed alphabetically, by town. Please note that those with start dates next to them are the works starting in the next few weeks. These dates are approximate.  

  • Argos Hill Lane, Argos Hill
  • B2101 Argos Hill
  • Lakehurst Lane, Ashburnham
  • Anchor Lane, Barcombe
  • Wellington Gardens, Battle
  • Marley Lane, Battle
  • Asten Fields, Battle
  • Virgins Lane, Battle
  • Turkey Road, Bexhill
  • Saltdean Way, Bexhill
  • Saltdean Close, Bexhill
  • Peartree Lane, Bexhill
  • Courthope Drive, Bexhill
  • College Road, Bexhill
  • Salvington Crescent, Bexhill
  • Pembury Grove, Bexhill
  • Old Farm Road, Bexhill
  • Tickerage Lane, Blackboys
  • Possingworth Lane, Blackboys
  • Toll Lane, Bodle Street Green
  • Uplands Park, Broad Oak
  • Street End Lane, Broad Oak
  • Scotsford Road, Broad Oak
  • Swife Lane, Broad Oak
  • Bigknowle Hill, Broad Oak
  • Goatham Lane, Broad Oak
  • Vicarage Lane, Burwash
  • Willingford Lane, Burwash
  • Lydd Road, Camber
  • B2204 Catsfield
  • Skinners Lane, Catsfield
  • Plumpton Road, Chailey
  • North Common Road, Chailey
  • Green Lane, Chailey
  • Hammer Lane, Cowbeech
  • Junction Road, Cripps Corner
  • B2089, Cripps Corner
  • Back Lane, Cross in Hand
  • Rosers Cross Lane, Cross in Hand
  • New Pond Hill, Cross in Hand
  • Forest Rise, Crowborough
  • Sandridge, Crowborough
  • Beacon Road, Ditchling
  • Beechy Road, Easons Green
  • Wordsworth Drive, Eastbourne
  • Whitley Road, Eastbourne
  • Tutt's Barn Lane, Eastbourne
  • Sorrel Drive, Eastbourne
  • Ringwood Road, Eastbourne
  • Nightingale Close, Eastbourne
  • Lindfield Road, Eastbourne
  • Latimer Road, Eastbourne
  • Frenchgate Road, Eastbourne
  • Faversham Road, Eastbourne
  • Enys Road, Eastbourne
  • College Road, Eastbourne
  • Close Twenty Five, Eastbourne
  • Carisbrooke Close, Eastbourne
  • Alder Close, Eastbourne
  • Elm Grove, Eastbourne
  • Brassey Avenue, Eastbourne
  • Jellicoe Close, Eastbourne
  • Pulborough Avenue, Eastbourne
  • Crawley Crescent, Eastbourne
  • Parkfield Avenue, Eastbourne
  • Blackwater Road, Eastbourne
  • The Rising, Eastbourne
  • Willingdon Park Drive, Eastbourne
  • Magnolia Drive, Eastbourne
  • Ranworth Close, Eastbourne
  • Mendip Avenue, Eastbourne
  • Pennine Way, Eastbourne
  • Snowdon Close, Eastbourne
  • Chiltern Close, Eastbourne
  • St Paul's Close, Eastbourne
  • Lilac Close, Eastbourne
  • Cedar Close, Eastbourne
  • Ramsey Way, Eastbourne
  • Larch Gardens, Eastbourne
  • Hardy Drive, Eastbourne
  • Walsingham Close, Eastbourne
  • Mountbatten Drive, Eastbourne
  • Byland Close, Eastbourne
  • Wrestwood Avenue, Eastbourne
  • Furness Road, Eastbourne
  • Reynolds Road, Eastbourne
  • Lodge Lane, Eridge
  • Fairview Lane, Eridge
  • Broom Lane, Eridge
  • A265, Etchingham
  • Oxenbridge Lane, Etchingham
  • Ludpit Lane, Etchingham
  • Rosemary Lane, Fairlight
  • Five Ashes Road, Five Ashes
  • Horleigh Green Lane, Five Ashes
  • Ruston Bridge Road, Fletching
  • North Hall Lane, Fletching
  • Mill Lane, Fletching
  • Bell Lane, Fletching
  • Fordbrook Hill, Hadlow Down
  • School Lane, Hadlow Down
  • Wilderness Lane, Hadlow Down
  • Riverside, Hadlow Down
  • Sheepwash Lane, Hadlow Down
  • Wheelers Lane, Hadlow Down
  • South Road, Hailsham
  • New Road, Hailsham
  • Hempstead Lane, Hailsham
  • Hawkswood Road, Hailsham
  • Arlington Road East, Hailsham
  • Hawthylands Crescent, Hailsham
  • Summerheath Road/Western Road, Hailsham
  • Lewes Road, Halland
  • The Drove, Hamsey
  • Hamsey Lane, Hamsey
  • Hankham Road, Hankham
  • Foords Lane, Hankham
  • Milton Street, Hankham
  • Upper Glen Road, Hastings
  • Barley Lane, Hastings 
  • Tenterden Rise, Hastings
  • St Margaret's Road, Hastings
  • South Terrace, Hastings
  • Rock Lane, Hastings
  • Priory Road, Hastings
  • Parkstone Road, Hastings
  • Park View, Hastings
  • Park Crescent, Hastings
  • Linton Road, Hastings
  • King Edward Avenue, Hastings
  • Ghyllside Drive, Hastings
  • Edmund Road, Hastings
  • Collier Road, Hastings
  • Chapel Park Road, Hastings
  • Birch Way, Hastings
  • Bembrook Road, Hastings
  • Beaconsfield Road, Hastings
  • Barley Lane, Hastings 
  • Amhurst Close, Hastings
  • Alfred Road, Hastings
  • Fern Road, Hastings
  • Githa Road, Hastings
  • Harold Road, Hastings
  • Park Road, Hastings
  • Old Church Road, Hastings
  • The Ridge West, Hastings
  • St John's Road, Hastings
  • Church Wood Drive, Hastings
  • Chanctonbury Drive, Hastings
  • Park Road, Heathfield
  • Mill Road, Heathfield
  • Bodiam Road, High Wigsell
  • Furnace Lane, Horam
  • Merriments Lane, Hurst Green
  • Workhouse Lane, Icklesham
  • Station Road, Isfield
  • Winterbourne Close, Lewes
  • Southdown Avenue, Lewes
  • South Way, Lewes
  • Ousedale Close, Lewes
  • Old Malling Way, Lewes
  • Nevill Crescent, Lewes
  • Mountfield Road, Lewes
  • Middle Way, Lewes
  • Houndean Rise, Lewes
  • Hillyfield, Lewes
  • Hereward Way, Lewes
  • Hawkenbury Way, Lewes
  • Christie Road, Lewes
  • Abergavenny Road, Lewes
  • Straight Half Mile, Maresfield
  • Danegate, Mark Cross
  • A267 Tunbridge Wells Road, Mark Cross
  • Pennybridge Lane, Mayfield
  • Scotsford Hill, Mayfield
  • East Street, Mayfield
  • Cordbatt Hill, Mayfield
  • The Avenue, Mayfield
  • Vale Road, Mayfield
  • West Street, Mayfield
  • The Glade, Mayfield
  • Love Lane, Mayfield
  • Berkley Road, Mayfield
  • Newick Lane, Mayfield
  • Maynard's Green Road, Maynard's Green
  • London Road, Mountfield
  • High Street, Muddles Green
  • St Martin's Crescent, Newhaven
  • Seaview Road, Newhaven
  • South Way, Newhaven
  • Acacia Road, Newhaven
  • Quickbourne Lane, Northiam
  • Church Lane, Northiam
  • Beales Lane, Northiam
  • Kirby Drive, Peacehaven
  • Heathy Brow, Peacehaven
  • Ashington Gardens, Peacehaven
  • Richmond Road, Pevensey
  • Coast Road, Pevensey
  • Castle Road, Pevensey
  • The Thatchings, Polegate
  • Sayerland Road, Polegate
  • Mill Way, Polegate
  • Jevington Road, Polegate
  • Flitterbrook Lane, Punnetts Town
  • Rickney Lane, Rickney
  • Rickney Road, Rickney
  • Brookhouse Lane, Ridgewood
  • Potato Lane, Ringmer
  • Lewes Road, Ringmer
  • Tile Kiln Ringmer
  • Springett Avenue, Ringmer
  • Darp Lane, Ripe
  • Station Road, Robertsbridge
  • Coronation Cottages, Robertsbridge
  • Brightling Road, Robertsbridge
  • High Street, Robertsbridge
  • The Street, Rodmell
  • New Road, Rotherfield
  • Brickyard Lane, Rotherfield
  • Redgate Mill Lane, Rotherfield
  • Houghton Green Lane, Rye
  • Deadmans Lane, Rye
  • Coldharbour Lane, Rye Foreign
  • Harbour Road, Rye Harbour
  • Windsor Close, Seaford
  • Poynings Close, Seaford
  • Lindfield Avenue, Seaford
  • Isabel Close, Seaford
  • Homefield Close, Seaford
  • Fairways Road, Seaford
  • Fairways Close, Seaford
  • Dymock Close, Seaford
  • Carlton Road, Seaford
  • Dane Road, Seaford
  • Upper Belgrave Road, Seaford
  • Alfriston Road, Seaford
  • Claremont Road, Seaford
  • Hawth Hill, Seaford
  • Cricketfield Road, Seaford
  • The Street, Sedlescombe
  • The Green, Sedlescombe
  • Sprays Lane, Sedlescombe
  • Cottage Lane, Sedlescombe
  • Chapel Hill, Sedlescombe
  • Bluemans Lane, Sedlescombe
  • Sliders Lane, Sheffield Park
  • Ketches Lane, Sheffield Park
  • Upper Maize Hill, St Leonards
  • Alfred Road, Hastings 
  • The Green, St Leonards
  • Field Way, St Leonards
  • Bulverhythe Road, St Leonards
  • Undercliff, St Leonards
  • Cottage Lane, Stone Cross
  • Churchsettle Lane, Stonegate
  • Buttons Lane, Stonegate
  • Snape Lane, Stonegate
  • Wenbans Lane, Stonegate
  • Streat Lane, Streat
  • Horsegrove Avenue, Ticehurst -
  • Birchetts Green Lane, Ticehurst 
  • Vineyard Lane, Ticehurst 
  • Lymden Lane, Ticehurst 
  • Tidebrook Road, Tidebrook
  • Southview Drive, Uckfield
  • Oakwood Drive, Uckfield
  • Downsview Crescent, Uckfield
  • Browns Lane, Uckfield
  • Uckfield Bypass, Uckfield
  • Western Road, Wadhurst
  • Washwell Lane, Wadhurst
  • Turners Green Lane, Wadhurst
  • Tidebrook Road, Wadhurst 
  • Tapsells Lane, Wadhurst 
  • South View Road, Wadhurst 
  • Queen's Cottages, Wadhurst 
  • Osmers Hill, Wadhurst 
  • Jonas Drive, Wadhurst 
  • Three Oaks Lane, Wadhurst 
  • Old Station Road, Wadhurst 
  • Blacksmiths Lane, Wadhurst
  • Pell Green, Wadhurst
  • Bartley Mill Road, Wadhurst
  • Sleepers Stile Road, Wadhurst
  • Buckland Hill, Wadhurst
  • Newbury Lane, Wadhurst
  • Townlands Road, Wadhurst
  • Darbys Lane, Wadhurst
  • Fairglen Road, Wadhurst
  • North Street, Waldron
  • Moor Lane, Westfield
  • Doleham Lane, Westfield
  • High Street, Westham
  • Eastbourne Road, Westham
  • Whatlington Road, Whatlington
  • St Mary's Close, Willingdon
  • Farmlands Way, Willingdon
  • Dogs Hill Road, Winchelsea
  • Slugwash Lane, Wivelsfield

Spray Patching

This year we're working to fix potholes and prevent them from forming. Velocity Patching fixes defects permanently in just a few minutes, keeping traffic moving without the need for closing the road.

Our machine and crew can fix up to 200 potholes per day, meaning that we can carry out more repairs.

How does it work?

First, the machine blows the defect clean, removing any dust and grit for a clean surface.

Next, a cold emulsion is forced in to every crack and crevice. This seals the defect and protects it by preventing any water from getting under the surface. This is how potholes often form.

Finally, aggregate is coated in bitumen emulsion before being fired at high velocity in to the pothole. It is compacted densely and sets immediately. The process takes just a few minutes, and is ready to drive on immediately. 

We will be working our way around the County and repairing the roads mentioned as we go. These roads will remain open as we work with short delays in areas.