St Johns Road, Crowborough - Surface Dressing Works

12 August 2022

Scheme Location:

St Johns Road, Crowborough - Surface Dressing Works

Scheme Information:

What works are taking place?

We will be carrying out surface dressing works on St Johns Road, Crowborough from London Road to Mardens Hill.

Work will involve spraying bitumen binder onto a dry road surface. We then spread stone chippings and roll the surface to embed the stones.

Following works, advisory 20mph speed limits are put in place. This is to protect road users from loose chippings.

This type of work provides a safer, non-skid road surface. It also seals and waterproofs the road, extending the life of the road by 10 years.

When will these works start?

Work will take place on 12 August between 7am and 7pm.

This date may be subject to change. We will keep you updated with any changes via the signs on site and our website.

Road closure information

During this time, St Johns Road will be closed to through traffic. This is for your safety and the safety of our workers. 

We will always allow access for emergency vehicles. Pedestrian access will be maintained.


Traffic will be diverted via London Road, Lye Green Road, Mardens Hill and vice versa.

Information for local people

We will sweep the road after 24 hours, 3 days and again one week after the new surface has been laid.

We will replace any road markings after the final sweep. This can be one to three weeks after the works. If parked cars are in the way then there may be further delays so please do not park here following works. There will be ‘no parking’ signs and cones on site to advise where parking is restricted. 

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