Gritting and gritbins

Gritting and grit bins

Grit Bins

When will you fill the grit bin?

We inspect and fill all East Sussex County Council owned grit bins once a year, in the autumn.

Grit bins that are privately owned will not be filled by East Sussex Highways. Rock salt can instead be purchased from...

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Which roads are gritted?

Routine precautionary salting is carried out on pre-determined routes to help prevent the formation of ice.  We treat two types of roads, Primary routes and Secondary routes.

Primary routes are roads that are normally salted during the course of...

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How do I get a licence for a grit bin?

We will provide new grit bins where:
The costs are met by residents' associations, businesses, or the local parish, town or district council
There is a suitable location for the new bin.

For a new grit bin please contact your local parish or town council...

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