Dropped kerbs and vehicle crossovers

What if there is a tree near the proposed vehicle crossing?

Certain conditions may apply when a tree is close to the proposed crossing. Trees will generally not be removed to accommodate the installation of a vehicle crossing. Each site will need to be assessed individually by a qualified officer who will advise...

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Access protection marking

How does an Access Protection Marking (APM) work?

APMs are an advisory white line painted in front of a kerb which has been lowered to allow vehicle access, for example driveways. APMs can be very effective in deterring inconsiderate parking which restricts...

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Vehicle crossovers

How do I apply for a vehicle crossover?

To apply for a vehicle crossover, please download this application pack, complete and return to us at customer@eastsussexhighways.com or by post to East Sussex Highways, The Broyle, Ringmer, East Sussex, BN8...

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