Enforcement and licensing

Common enforcement questions

Is a caravan allowed to be left on the highway overnight?

It is not an offence to park and sleep in a motorhome on the highway overnight.  A caravan must be attached to a vehicle that is taxed and insured.  The police can issue a...

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Common licence questions

How long does the application process take?

Once we receive your completed application form and fee,  provided all the necessary information has been supplied at that time, you should allow up to 8 weeks for us to determine your application. If...

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Is consent required for all advertising?

The display of advertising is controlled by Town and Country (Control of advertisements)(England) Regulations 2007.  All advertisements require consent from the Local Planning Authorities (LPA) unless they are exempt or have deemed consent....

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Running a food vending business within the Lewes District Council area

Lewes District Council control street trading under the Local Government Miscellaneous Provisions Act.   This applies to stalls and market trader’s activities as well as roadside trading in the Lewes District Council area.  For more information,...

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Can I advertise my food vending business on the highway?

Advertising on the Highway for the vending businesses is not permitted under section 132 of The Highways Act 1980. Any advertisements will be subject to removal....

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I would like to report fly-posting that is obstructing visibility or is dangerous

You can report fly-posting that is considered to be obstructing visibility or is dangerous via email to customer@eastsussexhighways.com...

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I’d like to request a mirror to be installed on the highway

We do not authorise mirrors on the Highway, they need to be on private land and that person will be responsible if an accident occurs.

Please contact our team to discuss this further

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License Application Forms for Roadworks or Events

You can find all license application forms here. 
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