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East Sussex Highways Facts and Figures

Indicator Last Month This Service Year (since 1st May) Notes
Customer enquiries received 5157 19553
Customer reports relating to potholes 797 3302 Further details relating to pothole statistics are available here.
Potholes repaired 1965 7454 Further details relating to pothole statistics are available here.
Highways gullies cleansed 3832 16203 All gullies are cleaned at least once every three years. Rather than clear all gullies the same number of times each year, emptying frequencies have been optimised meaning those gullies that often become blocked are emptied more frequently than those that don't.
Permit Applications received - Highway Authority 912 3065 In order to minimise disruption to the road network, permits are necessary for any organisation wishing to work on the Highway. This includes East Sussex Highways who must adhere to the same permitting requirements as utility companies.
Permit Applications received - Utilities companies 3900 15467
% of all council Street Lights that are LED n/a 93.7% Following significant investment over the last two years, since May 2020 across East Sussex there has been a reduction of half a million watts on the county's street lighting assets, which was a reduction of 23% by May 2022.
Winter gritting call outs 0 0 Only applicable during Winter season - October to April

Table last updated 07/09/2022

Fact and Figures

  • 375km of A roads
  • 274km of B Roads
  • 732km of C Roads
  • 1,731km of Unclassified road network
  • 98,725 drainage gullies
  • 42,796 street lights
  • 48,409 road signs
  • 2,500km of road markings (lining)
  • 2.2 million square metres of urban grass*
  • 4,468km of rural vegetated verge
  • 74km of hedges
  • 73 signal controlled junctions, and 155 signal controlled pedestrian crossings
  • 483 bridges
  • 239 retaining walls
  • 1,193 grit bins
  • 28.5km of safety fences/barriers

 *Urban areas are, unless determined otherwise, defined as built up locations with a 20, 30 or 40mph speed limit. All other areas are rural.