Street Lighting

What are your responsibilities?


East Sussex Highways is responsible for more than 40,000 street lights and illuminated signs across the county. Some street lights are the responsibility of Highways England or the Parish and Town councils.

We work with UK Power Networks to maintain the East Sussex street lights. We are responsible for the physical structure of street lights. UK Power Network are responsible for the maintenance of the cables and electricity.

For cabling or electricity faults e.g. if all the lights are out in a street please contact UK Power Networks.

The following parish and town Councils are responsible for the street lights in their area and you can contact them directly to report any problems:

What are your timescales for repair?


How do you routinely maintain street lights?


What are you doing to reduce carbon emissions?


What do you consider when repairing street lights in conservation areas?


I want to request a new street light.