General Enquiry

Please check to see if your enquiry is covered by one of the categories below. Each category links to the specific issue and your enquiry will generally be dealt with quicker and more efficiently if the correct form is used:


Potholes, General Road Condition.

Drainage & Flooding:

Overflowing Drain, Blocked Drain, Broken Drain Cover, Missing Drain Cover, Ditches, Flooded Road, Flooded Pavement, Flooded Private Land, Flooded Private Property.

Street lights:

Street lights not working, Street light has exposed wires, Street light knocked over, Street light on during the day, Street light dim, Street light working intermittently, Street light vandalised.

Pavement & Cycleways:

Hole in pavement, Trip Harzard, Borken Kerb Stone, Missing Kerb Stone, Cycleways


Grass cutting, Hedges, Trees, Weeds, Wildife verges

Traffic Signals:

Traffic signals damaged / not working, General Fault, Problem with temporary traffic lights


Access arrangements, Traffic Management, Workmanship, General Information Request

Road markings:

Double Yellow Lines, Single Yellow Lines, Junction Markings, Speed Limit Markings, Disabled Parking Bay, Access Protection Markings, Parking Bays


Directional Signs, Speed Limit Sign, Street Name Sign, Tourist Sign, Warning Sign

Gritting & Grit Bins:

Gritting, Grit Bins

Public Rights of Way:

Report a problem on Rights of Way, Rights of way - helping you discover East Sussex

Rubbish and recycling:

Report a Problem with Litter or fly-tipping, Household waste recycling sites, How we manage waste in East Sussex, Business and commercial waste, Reducing your waste - What you can do, General Information about rubbish and recycling on other websites

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