Grit Bin Update


Thank you for your interest regarding gritting and winter maintenance. Due to the recent weather conditions, we have received an unprecedented number of enquiries relating to grit bins.

Any existing requests for the refilling of a grit bin, or requests for a new grit bin, are currently under review. If you need to report anything to us deemed as an emergency please note our contact number to call is 0345 60 80 193.

You can find more information on our winter service here. However, you can find answers to general enquiries below:

  • I want to request a refill - We have received an unprecedented number of refill requests across the county and a countywide review is underway.
  • I want to request a new grit bin - For a new grit bin please contact your local residents' association, parish, town or district council in the first instance to find out whether they would be willing to fund one. If they agree to your request, they will contact us. We will review the request and, if approved, agree a suitable location. Bins can be located on the highway, private land or Council owned land, with the landowner's permission.
  • I want to report litter in a grit bin - If there is litter in a grit bin please contact your local district or borough council who will arrange for it to be cleared.
  • I want to report an icy road or pavement - If you are trying to report an icy road or pavement, please report that here

Grit Bin Locations

Please note all of our current grit bin locations on the map below.