Eastbourne Town Centre Improvement Scheme (ETCIS)

Scheme Overview

The Eastbourne Town Centre Improvement Scheme (ETCIS) is a joint project between East Sussex County Council and Eastbourne Borough Council, which will see Eastbourne’s town centre transformed.

The objectives of the ETCIS are to:

  • modernise Eastbourne’s town centre
  • create an attractive pedestrian friendly environment addressing current issues of pedestrian congestion experienced along Terminus Road.
  • create civic space along Terminus Road for cultural and social activities
  • support local economic growth by providing a step change in the quality of the environment for local residents and visitors to Eastbourne.

Scheme key design details

Terminus Road is currently Eastbourne’s main commercial corridor. It is presently laid out as a conventional carriageway, with footways on either side of the carriageway. It is also the location where the majority of Eastbourne’s bus service connect, therefore acting as an ipso facto bus station. This has resulted in a dense congregation of busses in a busy pedestrian area. This leads to pedestrian congestion and has a negative effect on the quality of the public realm and as such does not help create a welcoming and relaxing environment within the town centre. The ETCIS not only addresses this problem, but incorporates imaginative design solutions to enhance Terminus Road and its immediate environs.

The main design features of the ETCIS are:

  • Terminus Road: Between Grove Road and Ashford Road: This will be the western gateway to the scheme. A fact that will be indicated as the road ramps up adjacent to the station and the road surface becomes granite setts.  A new bus shelter will be placed adjacent to the new taxi rank (installed in phase 1) and a new bus stop and shelter placed on the south side of the road, joining up bus and train services.  A pedestrian crossing point will also be installed better linking the taxi rank and station to the south side of Terminus Road.
  • Terminus Road: Between Ashford Road and Cornfield Road. This stretch of Terminus Road will see the most dramatic transformation as the scheme creates a pedestrian dominated environment, with space to relax. The road will be reduced to one lane and will be for buses only travelling towards Cornfield Road. This will dramatically decrease the traffic currently experienced along this stretch of Terminus Road, to approximately one bus every two minutes. By reducing the road down to one lane we are able to double the width of the footways and remove the kerb upstand. The footways will be paved in new paving slabs, upto building frontages and the singe lane road will be paved in granite setts. The high quality paving materials will be echoed in the other features of the design including granite benches, and a series of planted areas creating pleasant environments to relax in. As the sun goes down this area will become bathed in decorative lighting, strategically located to enhance the various features of this new pedestrian friendly environment.

Please click here to see a short video, providing images of how Terminus Road will appear once the scheme is complete. 

  • Cornfield Road: Continuing the use of high quality paving materials the footways on either side of road will be relayed with new paving slabs, the carriageway in granite setts. This will completely change the appearance of the road, turning it into the eastern gateway to the enhanced town centre.  New seating will be put in place and trees planted in special tree pits designed to both protect the trees and the footway. These will be complimented with decorative ‘uplights’.  The entrance to Hyde Gardens North from Cornfield Road will be closed and a pleasant seating area installed. This will enable a small taxi rank to be installed on the western side of Cornfield Road and additional disabled bays to be installed in Hyde Gardens North.  On the opposite side of Cornfield Road new bus stops will be put in place for east bound buses, ensuring bus services are kept as close to the town centre as possible. Four top of the range bus shelters will also be installed. To ensure a light and bright waiting area, these shelters will consist of ceiling to floor glass panels on a sculpted high quality frame, lit with energy efficient LED lighting systems. 
  • Gildredge Road: West bound bus services will be located here, creating a valuable link to the train station and the new entrance to the Arndale. The placement of bus services at this location also enables us to reduce the number of buses travelling through Terminus Road by fifty percent. On the western side, new paving will be installed matching that placed in Terminus Road and Cornfield Road a bus lane and bus stops for west bound bus services will also be put in place. Four top of the range bus shelters will also be installed and electronic bus timetable information. New pedestrian crossing facilities will be created to assist pedestrian flow in an easterly direction. On street parking will be moved to the eastern side of the road and the road reduced to one lane.
  • South Street: A new bus stop will be put in place at the eastern end, servicing buses travelling in a westerly direction, linking to the new stops in Gildredge Road. The junction with Gildredge Road will be modified to alternate traffic flow into Gildredge Road between South Street East/West.

Gildredge Road Consultation June 2017

In June 2017 we asked for your opinion on the latest design for the ETCIS. This included the placement of west bound bus stops (those stops currently situated on the southern side of Terminus Road) into Gildredge Road along with a bus lane and new modern bus shelters. 

The benefit of these changes include:


Traffic Regulation Orders- Consultation 24th November 2017-15th December 2017

The design for the Eastbourne Town Centre Improvement Scheme (ETCIS) is currently being finalised. As part of this process we are consulting on the proposed new Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs) within the scheme extent. The proposed new TROs include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Introduction of a 20 MPH zone within Cornfield Road, Terminus Road, Gildredge Road and several connecting roads
  • One way traffic flow between the junction of Terminus Road/Gildredge Road in an easterly direction towards Cornfield Road
  • The introduction of bus lanes in Cornfield Road, Terminus Road and Gildredge Road
  • Alteration to on street parking arrangements in Gildredge Road, Cornfield Road and other roads within the scheme extent
  • Other alterations such as banned turns/ prohibition of vehicles/revised one way traffic.

We would like to hear your views on these proposals. Please click HERE to be taken to our consultation page, where detailed documents showing the proposed changes can be found these including the draft orders and plans showing the affected roads. A questionnaire is also provided on this page which will provide you with the opportunity to send us your views.

Scheme Programme

In October the Detailed Design for the scheme was completed and procurement exercise was initiated to appoint a contractor. Utilising a procurement framework ten contractors will be given the opportunity to submit tenders for the construction of the ETCIS. Tenders will be assessed in December. As part of the tender assessment process the project team will be reviewing proposed construction programs. Once this process is complete details of the construction program will be published. Construction is currently scheduled to commence in April 2018.

Should you have any queries relating to the scheme, please do not hesitate to contact us on.

Tel: 0345 60 80 193

Email: customer@eastsussexhighways.com