Zero Tolerance Policy

Zero Tolerance Policy Statement

Costain Jacobs operate a zero tolerance policy and any abusive or threatening behaviour towards our staff will be investigated and action taken’

East Sussex Highways is committed to the creation of a culture and environment within which employees, in the delivery of the highways services are able to carry out those services with the least possible fear of abuse or violence either physical or verbal.

We are committed to:

  • Ownership and responsibility for staff safety
  • Introducing preventative measures to minimise the risk to staff
  • Ensuring that all staff are appropriately trained
  • Reporting and monitoring all incidents
  • Communicating with staff to promote and ensure awareness of policy and procedures, and level of incidents
  • Providing all possible support to staff including appropriate support in taking legal action
  • Promoting and maintaining public awareness of our Zero Tolerance Policy Statement
  • Working with the relevant bodies to influence how perpetrators should be dealt with

All staff have a vital role to play in protecting themselves, including participation in appropriate training, reporting of incidents and taking appropriate action against perpetrators of abuse or violence. East Sussex Highways has a responsibility to ensure that appropriate support is given to staff in such instances.

We operate a zero tolerance policy and empower all staff to report, as necessary, any incidents of abuse or violence.

We will take action if we believe that our employees have been subjected to physical or verbal abuse and these incidents will be reported to the Police.